The importance of not being earnest

Its easy to believe that the world runs on the honesty of those around us, after all we are dependant on the information given to us by those around us – sometimes strangers. the difference between a doctor being truthful and untruthful with you could have quite serious consequences. as such we would expect those around us to speak truthfully and with honesty… I’m afraid this isn’t the way the world works.

It wouldn’t be a misunderstanding to say I’m a realist (This post says it all) in the way i view the world, and my rather dark view of the world can sometimes cause my perception of it too be slightly biased if not entirely corrupted. But I can say in all honesty that the world we inhabit is built around lies, deceit and just plainly treating it like a hound pit. If you truly wish to get anywhere you have to be a bastard, its the truth and something people should accept. I’m not the kind of person to tell someone else exactly how the world works and not the kind of person to force my views upon another -I leave that in the capable hands of those I know- and so believe me when I say I am simply “Sharing” my view.

Surprisingly thus far I haven’t mentioned my passion for writing, of any kind really. And I’m struggling to link this to not being earnest but here goes. In some kind of frail attempt at linking this I’m going to say that writers are one of the few “breeds” if you will of people that attempt to tell the truth of things. I once heard that politicians use lies to cover up the truth while writers use them to tell people truths. (make of that what you will) but I can see the point, Writers create fantasy scenarios and often entire worlds in an attempt to show us the real world. As an example making subtle hints to how similar a harsh dystopia world is to our own.

I wont apologise for the lack of content as this is my first post, and so I will wish you good bye and hope that maybe, just maybe I will get some crazed or rather sad individual bothering to read my little blog, if you haven’t noticed from this simple post my mind tends to wander like Alice in the hole, but if you enjoy such I guess I will be seeing you around!

Have a nice day Ladies and Gentlemen…